Our client: The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) 

Our challenge: To produce an educational film giving insight into the experiences of people living with advancing dementia.

Our creative approach: In collaboration with SCIE, we produced a live action film to give clear and personal insight into the experiences of people living with the debilitating effects of dementia. We worked with SCIE to contact individuals who were able to communicate their feelings despite their advancing symptoms and who were willing to take part in filming. We spent time getting to know our amazing participants and their moving stories; drawing on our years of experience working with vulnerable people.

Our final participants were selected for their ability to offer powerful insight into their varied experiences, and to encourage us to re-think established ideas about dementia to support the SCIE’s training objectives. Filming took place over several days, involving our participants’ family members, and allowing plenty of time to fully capture the feelings and emotions that could shape society’s response to dementia care.

Our impact: The final video has remained in the top ten search results about dementia on YouTube for two years, now with more than 205,000 views. The video forms part of the SCIE’s online training package and continues to influence the way we think about and support people living with dementia and their families.

‘Wide Eye worked with us to create two very different films on dementia that, for SCIE, break new ground in creativity and insight. They completely understood the importance of the co-productive process informing the content whilst always retaining a clear vision of what the film needed to deliver '   Dave Anderson, Head of Digital and Film Commissioning at SCIE



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