Our client: Save the Children and Software Solved

Our challenge: To raise awareness of a software product designed to improve the management, analysis and co-ordination of Community Management of Acute Malnutrition among UN agencies, international and local NGOs, governments, and ministries of health around the world.

Our creative approach: CMAM Report is a software tool designed to facilitate the delivery of Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM: ‘see-mam’) programmes. CMAM is a complex network made up of people from a wide range of sectors, To meet the challenge of communicating with CMAM professionals wherever they might be, we created an online video that could be shared on the client’s website.

In order to clearly and simply explore the complexity of CMAM programmes and the benefits of CMAM Report, we chose to work with animated graphics which allowed us to break down CMAM in a straightforward visual way. We developed a script to highlight the challenges of managing malnutrition treatment programmes and the ways in which CMAM Report can support better data management for frontline professionals, and improved programme management for agencies as a result.

Our impact: The video was a key contributor to Software Solved being shortlisted for the UK IT Awards Best Not for Profit and continues to drive interest in CMAM Report.

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