Our client: Learn2Live Partnership

Our challenge: To promote the importance of safe and responsible driving behaviours to young people aged 17-24 years.

Our creative approach: Video is the most popular type of content among the Learn2Live target audience, providing a powerful way to engage, educate and communicate with young drivers. Online video is highly accessible to this audience and shareable material is likely to be widely viewed.

We chose to work with police officer Harry Tangye who has attended more than 150 road traffic collisions and is able to communicate very clearly about the events he has witnessed, the impact on the victims, their families and the emergency services involved.

Working with the personal and moving nature of Harry’s testimony, we invited him to tell his story to the interviewer, positioned just behind the camera. The effect of this brings the viewer almost into direct eye contact with Harry as he describes the uncomfortable events that might sound familiar to his audience. We produced the film in black and white, with no music or background interference, placing Harry’s emotional retelling of his story at the heart of the video. The overall effect is poignant and memorable, and creates a starkly shareable message for the target audience.

Our impact: This video is one of a series of ‘My Story’ films that we have produced for the Learn2Live partnership of local authorities and emergency services across the South West, working to educate young drivers, reduce accidents and cut fatalities. To date, the video has received more than 75,000 views while being shared on the Learn2Live website, social media channels, and occasionally at Learn2Live’s live events.

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