Our client Bianchi Dama UK

Our challenge Bianchi Dama UK is a women's performance cycling team and one of only three all-female teams worldwide to be sponsored by global cycling giant Bianchi. We were asked to help raise the profile of this group of young female cyclists by producing a film aimed at potential new co sponsors. 

Our creative approach The core need was to create a film that would impress MDs and marketing teams even if they had no interest in bike racing at all. Therefore we decided to focus on the teamwork, commitment and dedication of members and intercut that with sudden, loud explosive moments of gear-spinning, crowd-cheering and close-up action. The Bianchi bikes ooze style and we  absolutely wanted to avoid all the cliche 'race coverage' type shots seen millions of times on TV and take the viewer up close and personal. Thise explosive moments take you right 'inti' the bikes mid race and lovingly show the fabulous details of these stylish Italian machines.

Our impact The film is attracting a positive response from businesses and is gathering lots of media attention and coverage both online and offline in press, radio and TV.
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