Why we made a film for Bianchi Dama UK

12 September 2017

Earlier this year we partnered with the top 10 UK women's race cycling team, Bianchi Dama UK. Most of the seven team members are based in the South West and when we first met with them we felt an immediate affinity with the ambition and commitment of these incredible sportswomen. We listened to their plans and their dreams and were completely impressed by their drive, vision and ambition. 

We knew that the best way to take their story to other potential sponsors was through the power of film. This wasn't to be a typical film about cycling but, importantly, had to capture the individual personalities of the young women, their drive, challenges, struggles, triumphs and the Bianchi Dama team ethos. This can’t be conveyed as effectively in any other medium than film.

The shoot which included interviews and individual and group shots of the women on their bikes took place at a location in Exeter. Using a mix of shots including handheld and with some post produciton wizardry, we created two vesions of the film: one of two minutes and a short 45 second version for social media.

The team is only one of three women's teams in the world who are sponsored by the iconic Italian cycling brand Bianchi which is a huge coup and honour. As amateur riders, they are entirely reliant on sponsors and Bianchi have been amazing, but to fulfil their full potential they need additional support and funding, and that’s where we came in. The film is a great promotional tool for this young successful team who we know are the future stars of women's race cycling in the UK.


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