Using Video for an Emotional Journey

15 September 2016

The key feature of any good Hollywood movie and indeed of video for business communications is its ability to engage on an emotional level. Having access to all the tools of the movie industry albeit on a compact scale and running time, a promotional video such as the project we have just completed for the Sheldon Community (The Society of Mary and Martha) evokes a whole emotional and personal journey that the film’s target audience will instantly identify with.

The new online information and support ‘hub’ that Sheldon has created, offers a great service to people in ministry, who for various reasons, are in ‘crisis’. It would have been all too easy for such a promotional film to descend into just listing features or becoming a tutorial-like explainer of how to navigate sections and pages of the site.  While the Hub’s functionality is important, Sheldon and Wide Eye both knew that it was vital to engage its audience in the heart as well as the head. We achieved that aim with a short narrative animation that realises in a metaphoric journey the difficulties and issues that those people will recognise only too well.

From initial concept illustrations and outline scripts Wide Eye carefully developed the animation to unfold this journey and to deliver the idea of the Hub and its role for travellers on that journey. We exploited the power of visuals, sound effects and an engaging voice over that draws one straight into the odyssey we are seeing on screen.

This variant of the film is aimed specifically at inviting the viewers, who are prepared to help, to take part in the Hub project, be ‘on the team’ so to speak, and so the careful crafting of the message to achieve that was an intrinsic part of this project.

When you have a video marketing need, remember that the answer doesn’t always have to be a simple ‘talking head’ or graphic tutorial; by using the creative and motion graphics skills available in the video production market you can deliver your message with more than a little touch of Hollywood.


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