Top 10 ways to use video for your business

19 January 2016

There are numerous way to use video for your business or organisation. Whether it’s web video watched around the world, a laptop sales presentation, or on a big screen at an expo, video is a powerful tool for your business or organisation. Remember that 'millennials' or those people aged 18 - 35 expect to get their information online and seek out video as a key information resource.

 We've listed here the top ten ways businesses are using video to maximise their profile, keep vistors on their websites and attract new clients:

Top 10 ways to use video for your business

 1. Testimonials / Case Studies

No matter what you may have to say about your products or services, prospective clients/users will often measure your quality and standards by the people and organisations you already serve.

A video with some of your client's key people talking directly about your product/service and 'singing your praises' is unbeatable.  It's also useful in that it explains and demonstrates your service to viewers that might not fully grasp your processes or indeed the benefits they could enjoy.

Another great benefit is that the video production of the case study itself becomes another shared project with that client and allows further 'bonding' and often the subject is flattered by being used as a case study.

Video created for DS Callards


2. Introductions to Staff

Whether as a fantastic way to introduce clients to your organisation or as part of an induction strategy for new staff, video profiles are a powerful tool. Imagine, for example, the 'about us' page of the company website where one might get the chance to see and hear individuals actually talking about their work, experience, philosophies and even some background and hobbies.

Instead of just being reduced to a photo and a few lines of text, the key asset of any organisation - its people - make real contact with clients, almost face to face.

Video created for MSM Software Solved


3. Corporate Promotion

Like a personal profile (above) the company profile can quickly and energetically present a living, breathing expression of the organisation.

Clients can get to see and hear a montage of production lines or shops / offices, voice- overs from staff and customers, key interview sound bites, products in action, services on location, potted history, research and development and future plans etc. The list is endless and with stylish editing, effects, animation and music the company profile can introduce your organisation with power and impact in a way that no other media can match.

Video created for Francis Clark llp Chartered Accountants


4. Recruitment Campaigns

If you want to attract the best people, ensure that you make an impression that leaves them reaching for the application form.

Fine words and prose will of course make a great case for your organisation but it's video that can bring it to life and demonstrate its human side, its excitement, its buzz and its culture.

Video created for Devon County Council


5. Training

While training materials often need to address large and complex issues, sometimes it is small discreet processes, such as how to use a particular form or piece of equipment that need a simple step-by-step explanation.

Seeing other professionals on screen talking staff through the stages takes away the fear and allows the viewer to take the process at their own speed. Video training isn't always about large seminars or professional presenters. Sometimes familiarity and a relaxed step-by-step approach by real people is what is needed.


6. Product or Service Information

A great salesperson talking face to face with a prospective client isn't always possible and so a great sales video for your specific products or services can give you back the advantage. Clear and compelling content delivering those sales messages as well as product demonstrations and full and extensive detail as required, present a viewer with all the information they need in an engaging and entertaining format.

Don't take it for granted that potential clients are aware of or understand the services or products you can offer. The video below is one of a series for Michelmores Law we created to raise the profile of the Debt Recovery department and enlighten many business people who weren't aware of this service.

Video created for Michelmores Law


7. Videos for Expos and Events

Whether you have a stand at a local event or, as in the case of the film below, the Paris Air Show, you need to capture attention and engage people quickly. The film below was also designed to be able to work without sound because of the sometimes noisy setting. Additionally the client required the film to quickly 'explain' the nature of their business to a passing audience.  And oh yes, they needed to look great too! 

Whether you need a centre piece for a giant expo, or you are speaking at a specialised event to a professional audience the days of a simple 80s style powerpoint are over. Make your message come alive with video content that captures attention and can deliver perfectly again and again

This remakrable animation was created for Ed Fagan Specialist Metals


8. Product Introduction / Launch

As with delivering a product or service information, launching a new product or service also requires great sales skills and talking face to face with a prospective client isn't always possible. So a video can help to do the job for you, presenting up to date information, details and benefits in a clear and engaging way.   

The video below was timed with the launch of a new book and business concept 'Size Zero'.

Video created for Blur Group


9. Regular Customer News Updates                                                                             

Rather like the monthly 'newsletters' of the past, you can create a regular video magazine.  Serialised video content allows you to build relationships and improve engagement with your audience. While your client, for example, may have been used to an occasional leaflet, imagine how much more a video magazine can demonstrate not only your services but build a sense of the character of your organisation. The video below is one of a series created for a prestigious Hair Salon that gave them a great opportunity to exploit their extensive mailing list and communicate regularly and effectively with clients.

For internal use also, a video magazine can keep staff up to date with information and vastly improve the sense of community within an organisation. This is especially important for any workforce that stretches beyond the boundaries of one office location.

Video created for Andrew Hill Salon

10. Video Blogs

Personal observations, news, communications and direct contact with your audience is a compelling format.  The video below, part of a regular video blog series, allows a more in depth look at particular subjects and engages your viewer in a way that a downloaded 'white paper' or pages of text simply can't.

Aside from blogs to clients,  in large organisations it's often impracticable to deliver corporate-wide updates from senior individuals to all staff in person, thus creating a feeling of separation between senior management and staff. A video, for example, blending the information delivered directly from the CEO or board with info-graphics, shots of 'the new factory', comments from industry observers etc can ensure that all staff experience the statement with clarity, involvement and a sense of being addressed personally.

Video created for the blur Group


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