Number 1 on YouTube

14 May 2015


Our recent film 'Living with Dementia' for the Social Care Institute for Excellence has quickly become the number one search result for 'Dementia' on YouTube. Within a week of uploading, our film had become SCIE's most watched video and is now making an impact far and wide.

  Dementia is an incredibly difficult subject to make a film about and especially so as it was our intention from the outset to build a video production from the testimony of people living with advanced dementia rather than (as is usually the case) from carers, loved ones, doctors and research experts.

Number 1 on YouTube

This approach made the process a huge challenge that many thought we probably wouldn't be able to pull off.

After extensive research with SCIE and advisor Buz Loveday we visited several centres to meet and chat to some likely interviewees. We quickly understood just how difficult the production was going to be as more often than not, when trying to answer a question, our speaker would, within a few words, lose track and stop or wander into an unrelated memory from decades before.

Undeterred, and in fact inspired by the amazing people we met and their determination to try and help us, we shortlisted locations and people and began production.  Over a period of several months we often spent whole days drawing out just a few words of clarity and insight from the extensive interviews.  These moments were fantastic and gave us and the film's viewers a glimpse behind the curtain of dementia, from the point of view of the people living with the condition.  They were very special moments and we at Wide Eye feel very privileged to have met and talked to these people.

Whether we're creating video productions for social and educational projects or delivering business focussed communications, we at Wide Eye take pride in always going the extra mile to make something extraordinary, something special. And hey - being number one is always good!

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