How We Chose Our Charity

03 November 2016



As a business it can be difficult to decide how, when and which charity to support. You know it’s really important because as a profit making enterprise it’s right to share some of your financial success and it can also provide a compelling way for employees to engage together in a common meaningful purpose. But how do you choose?

With so many worthwhile causes to consider, one of the key priorities for us at Wide Eye was to be involved in a charity where we know our contribution has a real impact; we have an opportunity to get practically involved in the charity’s activities and where we’re assured that all the money raised goes directly to the work and not to administrative costs. We also wanted to partner a charity that includes both local links and a wider world vision.

So we chose to work with a small charity doing life saving work called Friends of Buburi. They run a health clinic in rural western Kenya where people live in real poverty, the area has the highest incidence of the deadliest strain of Malaria in the world, malnutrition is rife, there are many orphans because of AIDS and infant and maternal mortality is high.

As the four UK trustees of the charity are volunteers (two of whom are based in Exeter), 100% of donations go directly to the work at the clinic. This includes paying for the medical staff and all the drugs and supplies, amongst many other things. For the incredible work being done there, the clinic is inexpensive to run compared to health costs in the UK, so we know that all contributions no matter how small, are hugely important and do help to save lives. For example,

£2 buys 4 malaria testing kits

£5 treats 4 people for typhoid

£10 treats 60 people for malaria

£20 trains two of the volunteer Community Health Workers

£130 pays the monthly salary of a midwife

As a video production company we can provide practical help with their fund raising communications and so using images they supplied we made a short video to briefly introduce the charity, outline some of the great work it does and the life saving impact it has. Next, we’re hoping to visit the clinic in Kenya to see first hand and film the amazing work being done there……. In the meantime, we’re continuing with our support and helping to build awareness of this small, brilliant and vital charity. 



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