How to use video in the service sector

08 June 2017

Unlike manufacturing businesses that have the option of showing products and technical processes, in the service sector the offering  can be difficult to convey in images.

How do you use video to promote yourself when you have nothing essentially visual to show? 

This is a common challenge for service sector companies who are often in an office situation using their intellect and skills in front of screens and on phones. Recently our client Absolute, a successful Devon PR agency asked us about using video to promote themselves and generate new business enquiries from ambitious and growing businesses in the south west.

While Absolute are certainly the driving force for many initiatives and events for their clients, we didn't want to overtly list all that Absolute does but rather to present the agency's brand personality and ethos.

This resulted in a strong, fast-paced narrative video using the visual metaphor of Absolute preparing for an important meeting. This is used to highlight and evoke Absolute's attention to detail, results driven attitude and ability to really make things happen.  Mixed with the friendly creative team, rural location and company dog, it all contributes to a dynamic film capturing the character and cabilities of the agency.

Whether using a compelling live action story or dynamic animation, effects or music, the aim for a video is really to bring your services, ideas, business and offering to life in an entertaining way.
You have all the magic of the movies at your fingertips so let’s have some fun!

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