How to Use Video for Recruitment

25 November 2014

Staff recruitment can be a time consuming, costly and frustrating task. And in some sectors is near on impossible due to skills shortages or business location. In recent years we've worked with a number of forward thinking and ambitious businesses and organisations to help them in their recruitment campaigns by creating short videos with the aim of successfully attracting the right candidates. We know from our clients' experiences that this has greatly helped them to fill their vacancies, and the successful recruits have given feedback that it was specifically the videos that encouraged them to apply.

Most recently we have worked with Devon County Council to recruit social workers to work with vulnerable children and adults. As part of a large campaign we created and produced a short video following two real social workers as they go about their daily tasks. With a short incisive script outlining the benefits of the job as well as the realities, DCC are aiming to attract these highly qualified professionals to work in challenging roles.

We've also worked for a leading high tech software developer, MSM Software, who are keen to recruit bright young talent. Mindful of the audience and how young people use and search the internet, it is completely appropriate to use video for recruitment.

The key advantages of using video are that it can quickly offer a very real outline or picture of the job: the responsibilities; tasks; benefits; structure; locations; environment, and perhaps most importantly the real people that the prospective candidates may be working with. The style and tone can also offer subliminal messages about, for example, a modern, ambitious, friendly, progressive, professional etc. organisation.

A well targeted video recruitment campaign supported by other marketing materials can be an innovative and very cost effective way to recruit staff, as well as sending positive messages about a dynamic and inventive recruiter - a very attractive proposition for any good candidate.



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