How to Inspire Imaginations

17 August 2015

One of the key reasons why businesses decide to use video is because it has the power to engage people emotionally. Used well it can attract, motivate and inspire action in its audience because of its power to make people feel in a certain way. Editorial copy and accompanying photos do a great job of course in giving clear and practical information but it is the video with images, sound and a story that can really connect with an audience. And so we had one project that was very obviously all about capturing and captivating an audience.  


 How to inspire childrens as well as adults imaginations - that was the brief from the Creation Station, a successful childrens' creative activities business. We could have shot some great live footage of children at the classes or at home being creative and enjoying the acitivites but we knew there was a more dynamic and exciting option. Producing an animated film was the perfect solution. By creating colourful imaginary images, using a kaleidoscope of shapes and colours and writing a weird and fanciful narrative we were able to show there are limitless creative oportunities for children with the Creative Station. Of course, it was brilliant fun being able to let our imaginations run riot with the visuals and the script and we always had to be very focussed on the target audience. We think this is a great example of video doing what it does best - being engaging and inspiring.




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