How To Communicate Clearly in Your Video Production

27 May 2015

How To Communicate Clearly in Your Video Production
Floating point calculations - bi-directional replication -  NPVs - contra owner equity - refractory alloy - “you want woofers or tweeters with that?”  
In business it’s easy to automatically speak in the lingo of the business sector that you’re in, and often without really thinking about who you’re talking to. After all, your colleagues are all in it with you and maybe some of your clients and suppliers are too. You’re so involved in the day to day that it becomes second nature to develop industry-specific colloquialisms. 
But think about it; do all your target audience and potential clients really understand your sector language, your buzzwords, acronyms and specific insider phrases? And does it make them feel included or excluded?
When producing a film, we guide our clients to really think about who they are targeting and what kind of language is the most appropriate and effective. It may be that some key sector specific words are OK if you’re assuming a certain level of knowledge but on the whole, a natural conversational style, as if talking to an interested friend outside the business, is usually the way to go. 
A very successful B2B client of ours who had a complicated sales story was told by a long standing friend and business director that he now really understood what the company did after watching their latest video. That is because we jettisoned the insider language so it could make it’s case clearly, articulately and intelligently but without reverting to impenetrable words and phrases. 
As video is consumed on a ‘one to one’ basis it needs to be personal, not a presentation. Don’t ‘present’ at your clients; talk to them. 
As a business or organisation you want to be seen as credible, but not unintelligible.....
so keep your language accessible, clear and user friendly and you may be amazed by the conversations you have.


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