How Jack Nowell's film is helping young people in the South West

16 March 2017

We recently filmed England and Exeter Chief's winger Jack Nowell when he agreed to front a new film commissioned by our client the Learn2Live Partnership. This initiative promotes and encourages safer driving among young people in the South West of the UK and we've been fortunate to work with Learn2Live for a number of years and meet many inspiring people who are part of the campaign.

We filmed at the Exeter Chiefs' home ground and Jack – patron of The Honest Truth road safety charity – is seen meeting two of the brave speakers who volunteer their time to educate students about risks on the road at Learn2Live events in Devon and Cornwall. In the video Jack talks about the incident he was involved in, when he skidded on a patch of ice and his vehicle rolled several times.

He said he was lucky he was in a modern car which protected him from much of the impact.

Jack also talks to traffic officer Sergeant Harry Tangye, who has attended more than 150 fatal road crashes, and Ali Morrish, whose daughter died in a crash. We have filmed both Harry and Ali for in their own films, where they tell their personal and moving stories of how they have been impacted by a fatal road traffic accident. You can see these here: Harry's film and Ali's film

The live Learn2Live events use a film created by us depicting a typical night out with friends, which culminates in a crash. The live events then cut to real life stories told in person by members of the emergency services and families, hitting home the full reality and fall out of a foolish, reckless or just an inexperienced action behind the wheel.

We've been really pleased to be involved with such a great project.  It targets young people as they are statistically one of the most at risk groups for road traffic collisions. They are also one of the most engaged groups when it comes to viewing films, which is why we work so closely with the Partnership, having produced many films for them since 2008.

One of our most recent films for Learn2Live had over 72,000 views. We hope Jack's film will be every bit as successful, helping young drivers make sensible choices about their safety when travelling on the roads.




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