Wide Eye Communications is an elite creative production company that specialises in video and animation, run by communications professionals Gilly Sowden and Nik Heap. We combine creative and commercial expertise to offer a complete production service to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on understanding the heart and nuance of each project, working collaboratively with clients to develop the right solution. Your time and money matter to us so we produce content and materials that work hard for you. Our loyal clients and friends know they can trust our attention to detail, so relax while we bring your campaign to life. 

Wide Eye Communications offers a complete video and animation service. From understanding your needs, developing a creative solution and writing the script to filming, creating animations and handling the post production, music and graphics, we have it all covered. We will work with you to understand your goals and recommend the best creative approach to deliver the results you need. Our production experience, technical expertise and attention to detail will ensure that the final product will support your communications. Numerous studies have found that audiences choose video over print information and video promotions can be 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined. As one of the first creative production companies established in the south west, Wide Eye has the technical and creative know-how and experience  to advise you on how video communications can support your business 

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